Student life at the Institute

A Students’ Gymkhana Council co-ordinates student activities. Members are elected by direct elections. Faculty advisors assist the Student Body. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of a student’s life in IIITG. Our winter semesters are abuzz with sports and a cultural fest – Yuvaan. Students compete in both outdoor (Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, Volleyball), indoor (Chess, Carom, Badminton, Table Tennis, arm-wrestling, computer games) and cultural events (singing, dance, play).
Summer semesters are relatively quiet with students concentrating on their studies. Students can explore urban life surrounding the institute in Guwahati. The excellent location of the institute allows students to explore nearby libraries, museums, restaurants and markets.


In IIITG the students are encouraged to actively participate in co-curricular clubs and activities along with their campus regular study. Each student club is advised by a faculty/staff members here on campus. Currently, there are four different clubs: Programming Club, Robotics Club, Quiz Club and Cultural Club; however in future the number of clubs will be increased. Through these clubs the students experience a broad array of cultural, academic, technical and social activities. For instance, the Programming Club allows the students to explore their computer programming skills in the field of computer science and IT to develop a sense of professionalism. The Robotics Club gives a student to conceptualize his idea and design state-of-the-art prototypes in the field of robotics following the international standards.
Certainly, the student form concern clubs takes part in different competition on national and international level regularly.

Robotics Club :IIITG has an established and thriving robotics club, where techno-freaks come together and make nuts and bolts come to life. The IIITG robotics club participates actively in inter-college competitions, and have won prizes at different levels.
Programming Club: The programming club of IIITG is a very happening space of continuously typing fingers and continuously coding brains. These coders are a level apart, and they make sure to prove this wherever they go - a proof that is beyond all reasonable doubt.
Quiz club: This is the collective term for all “know-it-all-IIITGians”. This is the space where all general knowledge whizz-kids come together and get their genius minds to collaborate.

Cultural club: IIITG has an active cultural club that takes care of all cultural activities. It is the hub of all artistically and musically talented IIITGians, and makes its presence felt in all culturally and socially important events.

IIITG’s techno-cultural and sports fest, Yuvaan, is held annually in February. It is a cultural celebration of all the ethnicities that are united within the walls of IIITG. Music, dance, drama, writing, art – all find expression in Yuvaan. It is a fun-filled event that brings out and celebrates the real spirit that IIITG fosters.
IIITG realises that fundamental imperatives like teamwork, leadership and sportsman-spirit are acquired only on the sports field. Therefore, despite a temporary campus, IIITG has done it’s level best for its sports-enthusiast students. There are provisions for badminton, volleyball and table tennis within the temporary campus itself. Apart from this, the college arranges for regular visits to an off-campus playground where students play cricket and football with equipment provided by the college.
The annual techno-cultural and sports fest of IIITG, Yuvaan, is a week-long extravaganza, wherein students put up an elaborate display of their talents. During this fest, wide-ranging sports competitions are organised. Chess to football, and from badminton to LAN gaming, IIITGians prove their prowess in all indoor and outdoor sports.

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Hostel Life

The student hostels are situated in the Campus itself. There are two hostels, one for boys with capacity of accomodating 400 students and the other for girls with capacity 100. Most of the rooms are single room with attached washrooms. There are a few Shared (amongst two students) rooms as well. Each hostel has a common Dining Space, Recreation room and manned with 24x7 security and backed with 24-hour power backup supply, lift-service and high-speed internet connection.
Wardens visit the hostel regularly to monitor and ensure proper functioning of the hostels and comfort of the students. Major discussions and activities among the students can be carried out in the common room. Timings are strictly adhered to for the incoming and outgoing of the students for their safety. Ample green cover all around the residential area provides a visually appealing and healthy environment for the residents. Different festivals and cultural events are celebrated together within the hostel in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports and games are a major aspect of complete development both physically and mentally for a person. In this competitive age, sports is equally essential to supplement and enhance the academic development. The students at IIITG indulge in a number of sporting activities like basketball, football, badminton, etc. which inculcate in them a spirit to participate, compete and win.
IIIT Guwahati has its annual techno-cultural-sports fest named “Yuvaan” to give equal opportunities to boys and girls to portray their skills in various fields of recreation and sports. Also, we encourage students to take part in various inter IIIT/institutes sports events, so as to cater the need of performance outside the campus premises on which our students perform at par with other institutes. IIIT Guwahati secured overall second runner’s up trophy in the recent inter IIIT sports meet held at IIITDM Kancheepuram, 2016. Also, in the same meet, one of our students emerged as a dark horse in carom bagging a Gold medal for IIITG and was adjudged the best player in same category.


We aspire to provide state-of-the-art facilities to our members.For full page click here.

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    The student hostels are situated in the Campus itself. There are two hostels, one for boys with capacity of accomodating 400 students and the other for girls with capacity 100. Most of the rooms are single room with attached washrooms. There are a few Shared (amongst two students) rooms as well. Each hostel has a common Dining Space, Recreation room and manned with 24x7 security and backed with 24-hour power backup supply and lift-service.
    The hostel complex is connected to the Institute by National Knowledge Network (NKN).

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    IIITG provides 24x7 campus wide connectivity to its community. On campus, students can access high-speed (1 Gbps) LAN and Wi-fi. IIITG is part of National Knowledge Network (NKN), which ensures 1 Gbps connection.

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    Labs are of immense importance to study core engineering subjects like computer science or electronics and communication. At IIITG, the labs are well equipped with state-of-the art equipment and latest hi-tech gadgets. The lab assistants are experienced and guide the students with competence through both curriculum and research work. Our labs foster an atmosphere of independent research under the guidance of instructors. Further, students are allowed to perform experiments individually or in a group of two.

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    The IIITG library is stocked with books that cater to the student's academic and research requirements. It subscribes to the IEEE and ACM e-journal packages. The library has a spacious and well-lit reading room. It fosters an atmosphere for academic learning and ensures a decorum of discipline, so that the students can concentrate their entire focus on learning. Library automation is being implemented.

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    There are mess facilities in the hostels as well as at college. Canteens provide students with fresh and nutritious food. They cater to the need of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. There are appropriate and fixed timings for dining in hostels.

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    IIITG provides a number of assistantships to regular Ph.D. scholars only. The Institute does not offer any scholarships to undergraduate students. However, it helps students to get scholarships from various Govt. and other agencies. Click here to know more.

Academic Activities

The institute frequently organizes talks by academicians and industry experts. IIITG is the birthplace of Perspective - an interdisciplinary group of scholars and faculty members. Perspective organizes monthly lectures and periodic workshops.
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