The IIITG library is stocked with books that cater to the student's academic and research requirements. It subscribes to the IEEE and ACM e-journal packages. The library has a spacious and well-lit reading room. It fosters an atmosphere for academic learning and ensures a decorum of discipline, so that the students can concentrate their entire focus on learning. Library automation is being implemented.


IIITG provides 24x7 campus wide connectivity to its community. On campus, students can access high-speed (1 Gbps) LAN and Wi-fi. IIITG is part of National Knowledge Network (NKN), which ensures 1 Gbps connection.


Labs are of immense importance to study core engineering subjects like computer science or electronics and communication. At IIITG, the labs are well equipped with state-of-the art equipment and latest hi-tech gadgets. The lab assistants are experienced and guide the students with competence through both curriculum and research work. Our labs foster an atmosphere of independent research under the guidance of instructors. Further, students are allowed to perform experiments individually or in a group of two.

Lab Facilities
LAB Subjects/ Subject code Semester Instruments/Equipments Software
Electronics Lab Digital Design Lab (EC102) 1st Sem Two channel 100 Mhz DSO(Model: TBS 1102; Make: Tektronix), 20MHz single Channel AFG (Model: AFG2021; Make: Tektronix),Triple output Regutated DC Power Supply (Model: PSD3304, Make: Scientific), True RMS Hand Held Digital Multimeter (Model: Rish Multi 18S, Make: Rishab) and 8085 Development board (for 8085 microprocessor experiments) N/A
Basic Electronics Lab (EC111) 2nd Sem
Analog Circuits Lab (EC202) 3rd Sem
Analog Integrated Circuit Lab (EC302) 5th Sem
Signal Processing Lab Signals and System Lab (EC242) 3rd Sem Texas Instrument DSK6713(TMS3206713) DSP development board (For DSP Lab) Mathworks MATLAB (for S&S, DSP) and Code Composer Studio( for DSP)
Digital Signal Processing Lab (EC244) 4th Sem
Communication Lab Communications Lab (EC252) 4th Sem Two channel 100 Mhz DSO with upgradability to MDO, LXI enabled and builtin Spectrum analyzer(Model: MDO 3012; Make: Tektronix), Two Channel AFG LXI enabled (Model: AFG 3022C; Make: Tektronix), Triple Output DC regulated power supply (Model: PSD3304, Make: Scientific), True RMS Hand Held Digital Multimeter, (Model: Rish Multi 18S, Make: Rishab),NI USRP 2932 400 MHZ to 4.4 GHZ SDR with GPS Clock, Universal Software radio Peripharials NI USRP 2920 Mathworks MATLAB and NI LabView software
Digital Communication Lab (EC352) 5th Sem
Microwave Engineering Lab Microwave Engineering Lab (EC372) 6th Sem Gunn Based X-Band Microwave Test Bench, Klystron Based X-Band Microwave Test Bench, Waveguide Components( Gunn and Klystron), Automated X-Band Antenna Trainer Kit , USB Power Sensor Ansys Academic Research HF package(HFSS, Ansys Designer etc)
Embedded Systems Lab Embedded Systems Lab (EC382) 6th Sem Keil MCBSTM32F200-ED ARM Cortex - M3 processor DEVELOPMENT BOARD, Keil ULINK2-ED JTAG/USB Adapter cum debugger, Intel Galileo Gen-2 board, 8085 Development board Keil Microvision 4 (Student version), ARDUINO IDE(OpenSource)
VLSI Lab VLSI Lab (EC362) 6th Sem N/A Cadence(in the process of procurement)
Financial Assistance

We provide a number of assistantship to regular Ph.D. scholars only.
Several education loans provided by different banks for pursuing higher education are available. The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India has set up the Vidya Lakshmi portal for students to apply for educational loans and take a look at the various schemes provided by different banks. It provides a single window for students to access information and apply for Educational Loans provided by banks and Govt Scholarships. More information can be found here.

Student Accommodation

Students and faculty stay in 32 flats taken on rent by the Institute in Shine Heaven Apartment, Baghorbori Rd, Barbari Village, Kalitakuchi N.C., Assam 781023 (near Six Mile). More flats are being taken on rent for the new batch joining in July, 2016. Students are allocated flats on sharing basis. The hostel complex is connected to the Institute by National Knowledge Network (NKN).

Dining and Mess

There are mess facilities in the hostels as well as at college. Canteens provide students with fresh and nutritious food. They cater to the need of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. There are appropriate and fixed timings for dining in hostels.