Hello, welcome to my home page. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Guwahati. My current research focus is on Information Security. I completed PhD from IIT Kharagpur in 2016. The area in which I did my PhD was also Information Security. More Specifically, it was on various security issues in RFID technology based Object Identification. Prior to my PhD, I completed M. Tect in CSE with specialization as Information Security from NIT Rourkela. During my M. tech. at NIT Rourkela, I was working on the area of Key pre distribution for Wireless Sensor Network. Apart form my professional activities, I like to indulge myself in any sports like cricket football, etc.

Research Interests:

  • Security and Privacy in IoT
  • Cloud Computing
  • WBAN based Medical System
  • Security and Privacy in RFID Technology
  • Teaching:

  • Winter 2017: Computer and Network Security (Theory)
  • Monsoon 2016: Data Communication (Theory)
  • Winter 2016: Computer and Network Security (Theory)
  • Winter 2016: Computer Organization (Theory)
  • Monsoon 2015: Data Communication (Theory)
  • Publications:

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    2. Subhasish Dhal, Atanu Basu and Indranil Sen Gupta, “Managing Authentication and Detection Probability in Multi-tag RFID System,” Journal of Information Assurance and Security, 9(6), 2014, pp. 316-328.
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    4. Subhasish Dhal and Indranil Sen Gupta, “Generation of a Proof of Coexistence of Multiple Objects in Multi-tag Arrangement,” Presented in the PhD Symposium of 9th International Conference on Information System Security (ICISS 2013) Dec-2013, Kolkata, India.
    5. Subhasish Dhal and Indranil Sen Gupta, “A New Authentication Protocol for Multi-tag RFID Applicable to Passive Tag,” In Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Communication, Computing and Security, (ICCCS 2012), pp. 880-888, Oct-2012, Rourkela, India.
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    8. Subhasish Dhal and P. M. Khilar, “Deterministic Merging of Blocks for Key Pre-Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks,” In Proceedings of NCRACT 2009 . pp. 119-123, Jan-2009, Rourkela, India.

    Dr. Subhasish Dhal

    Assistant Professor (CSE)

    PhD (IIT Kharagpur)