From the Director

I am Gautam Barua, Director IIIT Guwahati (IIITG). I was the Mentor Director from 2013-2016 and then I became a regular Director. I have ten years’ experience as Director IITG, and I was also at IITG in the formative years (1995-1998) when the Institute was being established. I also have experience in setting up IIT Patna as the Mentor Director (in 2008-09). So I have rich experience in setting up Institutions.

I am an IT specialist. I have been a faculty in Computer Science and Engineering for 38 years (13 years at IIT Kanpur, 18 years at IITG, and 7 at IIITG). I am therefore also taking part in teaching at IIIT Guwahati. You can find more about me at

I assure aspiring students that you will be joining an Institution which in a few years will become a leading Institution of the country. We have a healthy student to faculty ratio. All Asst. Professors have PhDs. More details on the faculty are available elsewhere on this web site. We started a PhD programme in April 2015. Currently there are 31 regular and 23 part-time PhD students in the Institute. We place a lot of emphasis on research. Already 13 sponsored projects of total value of Rs. 3 crores, are going on at the Institute. We have introduced an online mode to the M.Tech programme in CSE. The Institute was ranked 66 among Engineering Institutes in NIRF 2020 (the Central Govt’s ranking system). We are the highest ranked IIIT under the Central Govt.

Placement of the first three batches has been very good. For the 2019-20 season, the median annual salary offer is about Rs 5 lakhs, while the highest domestic salary offered is Rs. 17 lakhs. Almost all the students of the first two batches are currently employed or pursuing higher studies. A number of students are enrolled in PhD programmes in the US. Notable ones are one at Carnegie Mellon University (CSE), and another at University of Texas Austin (ECE). We held our first convocation on May 15 2018, and the second on May 17 2019. This year’s convocation was cancelled due to Covid-19.

The Institute moved to its campus in July 2018. The campus is on 67 acres of land, about 4 km from the airport at Guwahati. Current Infrastructure and Facilities: 680 seater Boys’ hostel, 170 seater Girls’ Hostel, 48 faculty flats, 9200 sqm admin-cum-academic building, NKN network, fully wi-fi enabled campus. Photos can be seen elsewhere on this site.

Due to the pandemic, we conducted classes in online mode from March 20 till April 24. The end semester examinations of final year students were completed in the first week of May. The end semester examinations of the other students are slated to complete on 31 July 2020, in online mode. Next semester’s classes will start from August 10, in online mode. We are subscribing to a Cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver lectures and to handle class related activities.

You can contact me at: