Immerse Yourself in the varieties of events.

Wikipedia defines Dance as a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. But we believe it to be a magical romance, You just need to give someone a chance And they'll show you how to dance. From a cultural dance to the ballroom one We invite you to move your feet , Set the stage on fire with your moves and grooves and turn up the heat on those beats.

Zap it Up (Fusion)

Gyrate the Tale

What u wanna call it? A companion in the loneliness or a source of stress relaxer . It's nothing for the deaf, but everything to the people in love. The soothing feeling to our ears, the medicine for the heartbroken and sick and yes , we call it "Music".

Solo Singing

Euphomix (Remixes)

Do you get through most of your lectures doodling and sketching? Do you spend your leisure time painting portraits which nobody believes are painted but are photographed? If yes, come to Yuvaan'18 and create all that can't be explained but only experienced.Lets celebrate art.

Face Painting


On the Spot Sketching

Do you have the talent to write so well. That the text/para/write-up gets dissolved into the brain of the reader as soon as she reads it? Well come let's put your skills on a time test and see how good you fare at it.

Just A Minute

Poetry Slam

Short Story (Online)

Designing (Online)

Do you sometimes have a certain urge to express yourself,convey your message but words seem not to be enough. Conventional Dance seems to be too boring. Do you feel you have a talent that can mesmerize the audience as well as convey your message? If yes,This is the right opportunity for you my friend. Come and showcase all that you've got.

Street Play

Market for a social cause

Through the Lense