Estimate of amount required for B.Tech students joining in 2021 and in 2022



An estimate of the total loan amount for the entire BTech. course is detailed below:


Tuition fees : Rs. 1,25,000 per semester * 8 semesters            -  Rs.  10,00,000.00

Institute caution money (one time refundable)                           -  Rs.         5,000.00

Hostel Rent : Rs. 12,500 per semester * 8 semesters              - Rs.    1,00,000.00

Mess dues estimated : Rs. 16000 per semester * 8 semesters -  Rs.  1,28,000.00

Total :                                                                                         -   Rs.12,33,000.00



Information on Loans



Special Offers: The following special offers are available to IIIT Guwahati students:



1.    Canara Bank has formulated a special Education Loan scheme as “VIDYA TURANT”. Under this  scheme, the education loan is instantly sanctioned and disbursed without any collateral security with a set limit up to Rs.30 lakhs for eligible students of various premier institutes of India. Please contact the following persons for more details:

·       Sri Amit Kumar, Manager, CANARA BANK, BIJOYNAGAR BRANCH, Phone No : 7086463048. E-mail id : cb17340@canarabank.com 

·       Sri Sajan Kumar Mishra, Manager, CANARA BANK, CHAYGAON SME BRANCH, Contact No : 7782065551. E-mail id : cb4255@canarabank.com 

·       Sri Ravi Kumar, Divisional Manager, Canara Bank, Retail Asset Hub, Guwahati, Contact no : 8318005277.  E-mail id : cb6825@canarabank.com 

·       Sri Vineet Mallick, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, Retail Asset Hub, Guwahati,   Contact No : 8789461316.  E-mail id : cb6825@canarabank.com 



2.    Punjab National Bank provides education loan assistance as a part of PNB Pratibha, for premier institutes. The loan requires no collateral security, no margin money, no processing fees, no documentation fees and is on a 15-year repayment basis. Please contact Ms. Ariini, Loan Manager, PLP Kamrup (Assam) at 8917697954, Ms. Tanushree Jamatia, Loan Manager, PLP Kamrup  at 9678804452 or Mr. Hemanga Pathak, Branch Manager, Branch Office Rampur at  9854931375 or 9435214145 for further details.


3.    IIIT Guwahati features under the List C (Sl. No. 13) of the SBI scholar loan scheme list of premier institutes whereby education loan up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs can be availed without any collateral security. For further details, please see the PDF document downloaded from the SBI scholar loan webpage or contact any SBI Branch near you. You may also contact the Branch Manager of SBI Mirza Branch near the IIIT Guwahati campus in Assam, or Mr. Ratan Kumar Kalita, Field Officer, SBI Mirza Branch at 8399820731.


4.    Students may also visit https://www.kuhoo.com/ for availing student loan facilities.