Hello, welcome to my home page. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Guwahati. I have joined IIITG in July 2018. I received the PhD degree in Wireless Communication from the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi in 2018. My PhD research mainly focused on the performance analysis of underlay cognitive radio with energy harvesting secondary networks. Before that, I did my Masters in Signal Processing from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in 2009. From July 2009-June 2010, I have worked as an Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India. From July 2010-December 2010, I have worked as an Assistant Professor at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jalandhar, India. I have served as a research engineer at National Brain Research Center, Manesar, India for the period January 2011-June 2011. From July 2011-December 2012, I have worked as an Assistant Professor at Jaypee University of Information Technology Waknaghat, India.

Research Interests:

Underlay cognitive radio networks, energy harvesting in the cognitive radio network and cooperative network, non-orthogonal multiple access, physical layer security.


At IIITG, currnetly I am teaching the following courses:

  • Digital Communication (U.G.)
  • Digital Communication Lab (U.G.)


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Dr. Komal Janghel

Assistant Professor (ECE)

PhD (IIT Delhi)