Students’ Gymkhana Council


The Students’ Gymkhana is managed by a Students' Gymkhana Council to promote various co-curricular activities. This Council fosters and promotes technical, cultural, sports and welfare activities in the Institute. The Students' Gymkhana Council comprises four boards: Technical Board, Cultural Board, Sports Board, and Welfare Board. Each Board promotes activities related to each student's overall well-being through various co-curricular activities and by ensuring the constant grooming of professional, communication, soft, and relevant life skills. Each Board has a faculty co-ordinator and a General Secretary, who is a student. Each Board has under it a number of clubs. Activities take place through these clubs.




The name of the various clubs under these four boards are given below.



 Technical Board

Cultural Board

Sports Board

Welfare Board

·    Programming Club

·         Dance Club

·     Outdoor Club

·      Eco & Outreach Club

·    Robotics Club


·        Photography Club

·     Indoor Club

·      Health Club

·    Mavericks- The Machine Learning Society

·         Music Club


·      Girls’ Empowerment Group (GEG)

·    Google Developer Students' Club

·         Movie Club


·         Reading Club



·         Literary Club




·         Quiz Club




·         Drama Club




·         Fine Arts Club




The office bearers of the Student Gymkhana Council are elected by students every year. Some of the posts are vacant as elections could not be held in 2021. The current office bearers are:




Nisheet Karan

Vice President

Aayush Mishra

General Secretary, Technical Board

Siddharth Singh

General Secretary, Cultural Board

Amaan Sahar Ahmad

General Secretary, Sports Board

Areeb Md Sarim

General Secretary, Welfare Board

Suraj Kumar


Email to reach the Students’ Gymkhana: gymkhana@iiitg.ac.in

The Constitution of the Students’ Gymkhana is here.



Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Cell


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Cell is a body within IIIT Guwahati formed of students and faculty to systematically foster the culture of innovation and the start-up ecosystem in IIIT Guwahati. I&E's role is to engage a large number of faculty, students, and staff within IIIT Guwahati in various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities such as ideation, problem-solving, proof of concept development, design thinking, IPR, project handling, and management at pre-incubation. The I&E cell is currently working towards establishing the first incubation centre at IIIT Guwahati to accommodate budding student entrepreneurs. The I&E cell, as part of its social and scientific responsibility, organizes regular workshops, speaker-led talk sessions (TEDx), case study competitions, and hackathons. The flagship event of the I&E cell is Inizio, which is an annual E-Summit organized as a two-to-three-day event that serves as the biggest platform for students to see what innovation and entrepreneurship have in store for them. The I&E cell works in close cooperation with the MoE's IIC and NISP to promote start-ups and SMEs at HEIs.